About Red & Legends Seeds

Legends Seeds has the most rock solid reputation in providing authentic cannabis seeds worldwide. We please the most demanding customers by providing only “AAA Grade Marijuana Seeds”.

How do we provide you with only the best seeds? We take a pack of 10 seeds, and we only keep the best of these 10 seeds. On average we remove 2 good seeds out of every 10 Pack of seeds we get, simply because they are not “AAA Grade”, we remove the “AA Grade” Seeds, so we can provide you with only the very best. So when we buy 12 Packs of seeds, we are usually left with 10 Packs of “AAA Grade” cannabis seeds to sell to you.

Why do we do this?

It’s simple, because we both win. You get your seeds that are 99.97% viable and you never have problems with germination. You become a happy customer, telling your friends about us and most important to us, you become a repeat customer because we treated you right. We under promise and over deliver. Did you know 90% of our business is from previous customers? So if we take extra good care of you, you will come back to buy more. This reduces our advertising costs to zero. So for us, it’s a win-win because it’s cheaper to pick out 20% of the seeds that are not up to our high standards, and take the loss buying 12 packs for every 10 we sell. It’s cheaper than advertising costs, and advertising can put seed banks on the “radar”.

We run a tight ship and we take your privacy to extreme measures. We are known to be the most ethical seed bank in the world. You deserve to be treated with the utmost respect in regards to your privacy, stealth shipping and receiving exactly what you ordered. We pride ourselves in providing 99.97% viable seeds, delivered to your door problem free. If your order included an Early Flowering Strain, you can be assured that it will flower early to keep your indoor grow churning a profit or preventing the frost from killing your grow outdoors by not finishing later than expected. If you order a high yielding strain, your yields will be high. If you like flavours, you will get the flavour you ordered. If you want a super potent strain, that’s exactly what you’ll get. The same goes for the less potent marijuana strains, you can be assured you will still be able to function if that is the high you’re looking for.

All orders are processed within 18 Hours.

You will be pleased because our reputation depends on your satisfaction.

Please contact me, “Red” directly with any questions you may have. I am the owner and I have been answering your questions personally since 1999.