Red Picks The Top New Cannabis Strain For 2018

Red Picks The Top New Cannabis Strain For 2018

We appreciate all our customers loyalty throughout the past decades. Thanks for sticking by me during my battle. Please checkout our best new strain created witht the best Dutch seed breeder here in Amsterdam. She’s called Pot of Gold and you’ll get free feminized seeds when you buy her.

Pot of Gold has gold trichomes that give an outstanding buzz. In fact, it produces so much gold THC that the entire Pot of Gold plant appears to be dipped in melted gold, and intential THC smelting incident. Man, Dutch people are wierd!


Pot of Gold Seeds

Best Strain 2017


Pot of Gold is the hottest strain for 2018, so if you see it in stock, don’t hesitate to get your hands on some before it sell out again.

Red Wishes You A Happy New Year And Good Health For 2018!!!

I hope this year is Greener for you than the year before!


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